CARSERVE opened for business in early 2012 providing a modern comprehensive car and light commercial repair facility in Waterford City. Our number one priority is you, the customer, towards this end, we will always endeavour to provide you with the best possibe service at a competitive price. We will always give you warranty on all repairs we carryout, both parts and labour.

We are a wholly owned and staffed Waterford company. All our technicians are fully qualified, having their apprenticeships and training certified and completed at Fas and Waterford Institute of Technology. Our technicians continually attend workshop training and familiarization courses and seminars on the latest advancment in technology additions to new vehicles, all the while improving their skill set.

We operate a fully equipped garage workshop with the latest specialist equipment at our disposal, comparable to any main dealership garage, indeed our equipment range will often exceed dealership level, as we undertake repairs to all makes and models. We will service or repair your vehicle, with all the latest diagnostics equipment to interrogate your vehicle management platform to identify and correct any problems with same, emission testing equipment, to ensure your vehicle complies with NCT standards and a fully automated rolling road test lane, again to ensure your brakes, front and rear suspension and all wheel alignment comply with NCT standards.

NOTE: All work, service or repairs carried out by us will be recorded and stamped on your vehicle service log book, complying with your warranty and providing your vehicle with a complete service history, which will add value to your vehicle when you trade-in or sell in the future.