Simply ring us 051 345123 to arrange an appointment to meet with us at our premises at Unit 12, Waterford Business Park, Cork Road, Waterford, or complete this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When we meet, we will register you to view online both  British Car Auctions ,and Manheim UK  websites.These sites sites will give you a combined total of approximately 40,000 plus vehicles to choose from, with a daily stock rotation of 3,000 vehicles.These websites will give you an opportunity to filter make, model, year, colour, mileage, etc.and view firsthand a vehicle of interest to you.The websites also give you a guide price on each vehicle and you can access their condition report and mechanical reports also. We will explain to you in detail these reports and car gradings at our meeting. We only purchase vehicles with warranted mileage, full service history records, V5 certificate available ( UK log book ) and mechanical and condition reports,carried out by professional and reputable engineers such as The Automobile AssociationThe vehicles for auction on these websites are are primarily ex. lease or personal contract plan expired, but there is a variety of vendors to choose from.  Please note you can register yourself online to view vehicles and familiarize yourself with the auction process.

When you have selected a vehicle that you wish us to purchase on your behalf, we will then process a Vehicle Registration Tax ( VRT ) calculation amount, which is payable to Irish Revenue at your local NCT centre no later than twenty eight days after the vehicle is imported to Ireland, we will also do an   RAC  vehicle Passport / History Report (see sample) on your intended purchase.This report cost is £15.00, and we will also calculate approximately the buyer’s fee payable to the auction house, this fee is dependent on hammer price.

Next step the auction itself, now that we have the vehicle chosen by you, auction centre location,  auction date, time, and lot number confirmed for your purchase, we invite you to personally attend our premises to view the auction live online and give us your bidding instructions, that is your opening bid to your maximum bid. Two days minimum prior to the auction, we will require a booking deposit from you.

Vehicles up to  €10,000.00  booking deposit €1,000.00

Vehicles up to  €15,000.00  booking deposit €1,500.00

Vehicles up to  €20,000.00  booking deposit €2,000.00

Booking deposits can be made via Debit Card or Credit Card directly at our premises,

or via electronic transfer to our bank account, which we will provide details here, or via text  to your mobile.

Deposit fees are based on guide prices as determined and displayed on individual vehicles, prior to auction. Please note that if your bid is unsuccessful at auction, we will refund your deposit in full immediately.

Bidding successful, we now need to pay for your vehicle and organize the logistics of shipping to our base in Waterford. Payment for your vehicle purchase must be completed within three working days, and collection of the vehicle from the auction centre no later than three working days also, as storage charges will apply on a daily rate thereafter. We process your payment to the auction centre, through TransferMate global payments, where we hold an account, and funds are transferred relative to exchange rates at transaction time. TransferMate  do not charge any fees for inter- bank transactions. We will pay the auction centre your deposit, plus the balance amount obtainable from you equivilent to the hammer price and the auction centre buyer’s fees, which is dependent again on the hammer price. After funds have cleared at the auction centre we will advise our shipping agent that your vehicle and all associated paperwork is ready for collection and export to Ireland. Please note that shipping will take approximately 7 days and we will keep you informed of its progress anytime at your request. Shipping charges per vehicle range from €350-€400 depending on collection location, note  BCA  have twenty four auction centres across the UK, and Manheim UK  have seventeen auction centres across the UK.

After our shipping agent confirms your vehicle has been collected and is in transit to Ireland, we well prepare and complete all necessary paperwork for your VRT appointment at your local Nct test centre. Before we make this VRT appointment we will consult with you to confirm dates and times are suitable and convenient for you, alternatively we can have your vehicle inspected at the NCT centre using our revenue issued TAN number, at no extra cost to you, including new number plate fitting. ( number plates purchase  €25.00)   Please note if you visit the centre yourself, your local VRT centre will require you to produce proof of your identity, PPSN number and confirmation of your current address with recent utility bill. If your vehicle requires an NCT test (depending on age), an additional appointment after your VRT visit will need to be made with your new irish registration number, which will be allocated to you after VRT is paid.

On vehicle delivery to our premises we will carryout PDI (pre delivery inspection) by our fully qualified auto-technicians to verify your vehicle has arrived as per condition and mechanical reports described in the auction centre reports. We will now organize your extended warranty insurance cover in partnership with Mapfre, we recommend Mapfre Premium Range which is a dealership level warranty policy which we can purchase on your behalf for €260 giving you protection and peace of mind for 12 months. Please note this warranty is transferable and renewable after expiry date subject to term and conditions, see policy for details. 

Your vehicle is now ready for collection, including your information pack (see sample) and we will require you to pay our fees and shipping charges.